A&G Pro Painting – Exterior Painting

The weather can erode your Greater Boston home’s exterior paint and look, but A&G Pro Painting can help you renovate your home with long-lasting, attractive finish that your home needs. Exterior painting is about two things – quality material and impeccable work. A&G Pro Painting excel at both.

We recommend you use quality weather proofing paints, because you will spend less in the long run as you won’t have to do the job again due to the decay of lesser materials.

A&G Pro painting has the know-how and the resources to paint your Greater Boston home’s exterior. We offer a great service for a discounted price, which enables many homeowners to have a beautiful house. Call us at 706-296-7489 for an affordable quote.

Exterior Painting Process

Step 1- Pressure Washing

All of our exterior painting services start with pressure washing all exterior surfaces to be painted in order to create a clean surface for paint to adhere.

Step 2 – Moisture Testing

After pressure washing, we’ll use a moisture measurement tool to determine when the moisture from pressure washing has left the wood on your home.  Moisture measurement is really important in determining whether or not it’s safe to paint your home.  If water has penetrated your wood and that water-logged wood is painted over, the water will push itself out and cause your paint to peel.

Step 3 – Preparation (Scraping, Priming, Caulking)

After we’ve determined it’s safe to paint, we will prep your home to be painted.  The process includes scraping any loose and peeling paint, priming bare wood to create a solid substrate for the paint to adhere, caulking areas that are vulnerable to water penetration (gaps between boards) and filling any holes in wood caused by carpenter bees, woodpeckers, or other causes.

Step 4 – Wood Replacement

If a board needs to be replaced, we will replace it before we begin any painting.   New boards are primed and then painted all around before being installed to keep water from penetrating the wood from the house-facing side of the board.  Water penetration from under a board is the leading cause of wood needing replacement on homes.

Step 5 – Exterior Painting

After preparation is complete, painting begins.  By this time, you will have already selected a color and the paint will be at the job site.  Our company may utilize the “brush and roll” application method or a “spray” application method. Depending on the specific project, we will apply one to two coats of paint. Our exterior painting services cover everything from vinyl siding, to aluminum, to traditional wood sided homes, and homes that only need their trim to be painted.

Other services:  A&G Pro Painting also offers Interior Painting, Deck Painting, and Pressure Washing. Please, give us a call at 706-296-7489 to schedule a free estimate.